Publishing Process:

  1. Publication shall be based on a written agreement between Ignacy Lukasiewicz Energy Policy Institute and the Author specifying the mutual rights and obligations of the Parties, the conditions and manner of their performance, the transfer of copyright to the work performed, and including the Author’s declarations, e.g. about the independent performance of the Work, the non-violation of third parties’ rights and about consent to the publication of the article. Signed documents should be sent to the publisher: Instytut Polityki Energetycznej im. I. Łukasiewicza, ul. Morawskiego 19, 35-321 Rzeszów.
  2. An electronic version of the work should be submitted by the date agreed upon by the Parties to EPI’s email address ( in Microsoft Word format. The message should include the address details of the author(s), telephone number and e-mail address for correspondence.
  3. After receiving the article from the Author, the Editorial Board makes an initial formal, linguistic and thematic evaluation. EPI has the right to return the article to the Author for compliance with accepted publication requirements or to reject it.
  4. Within one week of receipt of the article, the EPI shall inform the Author about submitting the paper for review. The review procedure will be conducted in a peer review procedure.
  5. As part of the review procedure, the Work will be subject to formal and content-related evaluation by two independently acting persons with high qualifications in the research problem to which the article is devoted.
  6. The condition for accepting the Work for publication is that it has two positive reviews. In case of one negative review, the article may be referred to a third reviewer or rejected. The final decision in this respect is made by the Editor-in-Chief.
  7. Pursuant to the agreement concluded between the EPI referred to above, the author shall submit comments made during the review procedure within 30 days from the date of receiving the review or shall justify the refusal to take them into account.
  8. After the appropriate corrections and comments have been made, the article will be submitted to the Author for a copyright correction, which the Author undertakes to perform within 30 days from the date of receipt of the above message.
  9. After accepting the article for publication, the Editor will provide the Author with one copy of the Work in .pdf format.