The 8th Conference "Energy Security - Pillars and Development Perspective", September 11 - 12, 2023.

The Scientific Conference "Energy Security - Pillars and Development Perspective" is one of the country's most important meetings in the energy industry, a place for the presentation of concepts, as well as scientific and expert discussions. 

The Conference is organized by the Ignacy Lukasiewicz Institute of Energy Policy in cooperation with the Ignacy Lukasiewicz Rzeszow University of Technology and with the support of the Department of Economics, Faculty of Management, Rzeszow University of Technology. The role of coordinator of tasks related to the organization of the Conference was performed by the Institute of Energy Policy.

The purpose of the event is to contribute to the scientific and expert discussion on energy policy, energy security, and the energy sector in the broadest sense. We believe that the creation of a platform for holding discussions involving scientists, experts, representatives of public administration, energy companies, non-governmental organizations, as well as business journalists and students, will contribute to the development of scientific output in this area of knowledge.

The theme of the 8th Conference will be energy security analyzed through the prism of geopolitics and geo-economics. In this context, we will be talking about the use of hydrogen, electromobility, offshore wind energy, innovation in energy, and energy security policies of individual countries. There will be speeches about nuclear energy and the security of NATO's critical infrastructure.

- "We will also want to devote a lot of space to disinformation about the energy sector and ways to counter it" announces Mariusz Ruszel, PhD, DSc, Assoc. Prof., Chairman of the Organizing Committee - "This topic is becoming increasingly hot, and the coming months may bring new experiences."

Traditionally, during the conference, Ignacy Łukasiewicz awards will be presented to individuals and institutions involved in creating energy security. The Competition for the Most Energy Innovative Local Government will also be decided for the third time.

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