The Ignacy Lukasiewicz Institute for Energy Policy mission is to support and promote activities related to the development of civic society, and to popularize science and knowledge concerning energy policy.


The Ignacy Lukasiewicz Institute for Energy Policy objectives are:

  • To support the development of civic society, particularly the awareness and knowledge connected with broadly understood energy sector, with special consideration of energy and climate policies, energy security, and the regulatory and economic environment.
  • To inform, promote, popularize and educate the society in terms of issues connected with energy policy and broadly understood energy sector.
  • To carry out research, teaching, expert, consulting and publishing activity.
  • To promote international cooperation.
  • To develop cooperation between different institutions in Poland and abroad.


The Institute achieves its objectives by means of:

  • initiating, organizing or performing research, analyses and case studies;
  • organizing and coordinating pilot research programmes and the work of expert groups;
  • drawing up opinions, feasibility studies, technical analyses and newsletters;
  • designing solutions for public and private entities;
  • carrying out research programmes aimed to provide knowledge on the phenomena that are the object of the Institute’s work;
  • organizing staff exchanges, internships, scholarships, professional and academic traineeships in Poland and abroad;
  • organizing and carrying out advisory, coaching and mentoring work;
  • supporting and organizing courses, training sessions and workshops;
  • popularizing scientific, technological, technical and practical output in the form of publications;
  • creating relevant websites;
  • carrying out publishing activity associated with the Institute’s objectives;
  • obtaining, managing and distributing funds for the Institute’s statutory purposes;
  • conducting scientific activity, e.g., organizing lectures, seminars, conferences and summer schools;
  • initiating or supporting information programmes;
  • supporting Polish social and economic organizations associated with the energy industry;
  • supporting social initiatives coincident with the Institute’s objectives;
  • cooperation with public and private entities.