WYDAWNICTWO IPE LOGO 2The Scientific Publishing House of the Ignacy Łukasiewicz Institute for Energy Policy was established in August 2017 on the initiative of Prof. PRz Mariusz Ruszel, PhD, DSc. The profile of the Publishing House’s activity is consistent with the objectives of the EPI and serves to support and disseminate activities related to the building of civil society, as well as the development of activities disseminating science and knowledge about energy policy.

So far, the Scientific Publishing House of the Ignacy Łukasiewicz Institute for Energy Policy has published all scientific publications in electronic form, available on-line in the open-access model (license: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0). The IPE Scientific Publishing House is interdisciplinary in nature, as it can reflect the contemporary context of energy policy, energy security, as well as environmental engineering, mining, and conventional and unconventional energy. The EPI Scientific Publishing House invites scientists, experts, and representatives of public administration and the energy industry to send their texts.
The publisher and managing entity of the Institute for Energy Policy Scientific Publishing House is the Ignacy Łukasiewicz Institute for Energy Policy.

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We would like to recommend to your attention the latest publication of the Publishing House:


BEPiEBezpieczeństwo energetyczne Polski i Europy. Uwarunkowania – wyzwania – innowacje, red. M. Ruszel, S. Podmiotko, Institute of Energy Policy Ignacy Łukasiewicz , Rzeszów 2019.
ISBN: 978-83-946727-6-8
Prof. KUL Andrzej Podraza, PhD, DSc.– John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin
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Download e-book: Energy security of Poland and Europe




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About the Publishing House

Editorial ethics
The Scientific Publishing Houseof the Institute of Energy Policy I. Łukasiewicz applies the highest publishing standards and is guided by the principles of publishing ethics, aimed at preventing unfair publishing practices.
Ethics principles of the Scientific Publishing House of the Institute of Energy Policy Ignacy Łukasiewicz were based on the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).
Ethics and Authors
All texts sent to the IPE Publishing House must be independent, original works of the Authors. The Author should inform the Editorial Office about the sources of financing the publication and all entities that actively participated in its creation. If any errors are detected by the authors, they are obliged to immediately report them to the Editorial Office.

Duplication of publication
Papers, that are released in other publishing houses, books, magazines or are submitted to different editorial offices, will not be considered to publish in Scientific Publishing House of Ignacy Lukasiewicz Institute of Energy Policy. In situation, when during one of the editorial stages, will be a suspicion that the work has been published or submitted for publication, the Editor of Scientific Publishing House of EPI will carefully examine this case in accordance with recommendations of the COPE.

Editorial Office of EPI dispraises all manifestations of plagiarism. All data and publications that we reused during the creation of a paper should be indicated by the author. In case of suspicion of plagiarism, the matter will be thoroughly investigated. Appropriate procedures will be used. The degree of plagiarism will be evaluated. Depending on its extent, there will be implemented adequate procedure. The Editorial Office reserve the right, in case of finding out evident plagiarism, to reject the paper and also inform the author’s supervisor about this situation.
In 2019 Ignacy Lukasiewicz Institute of Energy Policy (managing entity of the Scientific Publishing House of Ignacy Lukasiewicz Institute of Energy Policy) has concluded a contract with the plagiat.pl company in order to check the texts via the anti-plagiarism system.

Fabrication of data
Editors of the EPI Scientific Publishing House safeguard the reliability of research results. All authors submitting their work to EPI Publishing House should precisely present the research process and data they used. All manifestations of research results manipulation will be condemned and the author’s supervisors will be informed about this situation.

Authorship and changes in the list of authors
All researchers mentioned as authors must have a real contribution to the creation of the paper. The Editorial Office of EPI condemns all manifestations of ghostwriting, guest or gift authorship. In case of guest or gift authorship, it is recommended to place name in acknowledge section. When ghost writer is detected, it is recommended to include him or her on the list of authors, ex. author of a statistical study, etc. In case of requests to change the list of work at each stage of the editorial work, the editorial office reserves the right to examine the matter more thoroughly before accepting the request.

Authorship and changes to the list of the authors
All of the authors named, as the Authors of the piece must share a truthful contribution to its creation. The editorial office of the IPE WydawnictwoNaukowe condemns all of the signs of ghost, guest or honorific authorship.
In case of guest or honorific authorship it is recommended to transfer the name to the acknowledgement section. In an instance of ghost authorship detected, it is advised to include the writer on the list of the authors, for example an author of the statistical study and so forth. In cases of requests on introduction of changes to the author list of a piece in any stage of the editorial work, the editorial office reserves the necessity to research the matter before agreeing to the proposed changes.

Ethics and editorial work
The IPE WydawnictwoNaukowe takes the responsibility for the editorial process and all of its stages, and for the contents published on its pages. During the editorial work, the office follows the academic honesty as its leading principal. In case of ethical matters, the Office and the Reviewers operate within the boundaries of the COPE principals. Hence, there is a possibility to apply corrections, rejection or withdrawal of a piece from print in case of a major doubts in the ethical matters.

Conflict of interest
All detected or submitted conflicts of interests will be inspected by the Editorial Office, until the case is resolved, all of the editorial works on the piece are withheld.

Ethics and the reviewer’s work
The review should be objective, according to the principals of the academic honesty. Critique regarding the author directly is regarded as inappropriate. The Reviewer should not remain in any relationship with the Author of the piece. The pieces that the reviewer is working on, must not be used until the date of its publication.