Standards and rules for reviewing of articles

  1. Any paper submitted to the Editorial Office of the Journal is subject to evaluation carried out by at least two independent reviewers from outside the unit in which the authors are affiliated.
  2. Reviewers are persons who are highly qualified in the field of the research problem on which the paper is focused.
  3. The surnames of reviewers cooperating with the Editorial Office in a given calendar year will be published on the Journal’s website in the following calendar year.
  4. The reviewing process is carrying out in the peer review Neither the Authors nor the reviewers will know their identity (s.c.. double-blind review process). Selection of the reviewers is made with respect for the principle of preventing conflicts of interest.
  5. Each review must be fair, prepared with the principle of due diligence, and meet both substantive and formal requirements.
  6. The review shall be made in writing. Conclusions from the reviews are presented using the review form. The review will conclude with the reviewer’s recommendation for publication of the article, the need to make corrections, or rejection of the article.
  7. The review form completed by the reviewer is forwarded to the Author, who will address the submitted comments within 14 days from the date of receipt of the review.
  8. In the event of a dispute, the Editorial Office of the Journal has the right to appoint an additional reviewer from other persons who meet the criteria set out in p. 2. This applies in particular to an article receiving both a negative and a positive review, which would prevent the editorial team from accepting the text for publication.
  9. Reviewers have the right to re-verify a revised article.
  10. The formal criteria for accepting an article for publication or rejection of an article are included in the publishing agreement.
  11. The Editorial Office of the Journal, on the basis of the opinions of the reviewers, decides whether to accept or not to accept the text for publishing.
  12. The final decision to accept or reject the article of the article is made by the chief editor of the Journal.