Participation of the IPE Expert in 4th Advisory Board meeting entitled ‘’STORY: added value of STORage in distribution sYstems’’

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The Expert of the I. Łukasiewicz Institute of Energy Policy, Ewa Mataczyńska, PhD, took part in the 4th Advisory “STORY: added value of STORage in distribution sYstems” on 26 August 2020. Due to the current epidemiological situation, the meeting was held online.

The Advisory Board is the most important source of external advice and expertise for the STORY project. Moreover, it reviews the implementation of the project, but also actively manages all the work carried out within the project. The Council is composed of high-level experts from industry, politics and regulation, representatives of the public and research centers dealing with various issues in the power sector. It provides an integrated platform for solving problems related to the development of energy storage technologies, also in the context of development of local/decentralized RES installations.

The STORY project focuses on developing solutions for cost-effective energy storage technologies in combination with ICT. Different energy storage technologies on a local scale have been implemented in the form of eight demonstration projects, covering both industrial and household environments. Moreover, one of the elements of the project was to assess the impact of the applied technologies on the power grid infrastructure in case of their large-scale application. Different business models and regulatory frameworks for their development were designed for this demonstration areas, according to the project assumptions. More information about the project and current events can be found at:

The main topic of the 4th Advisory Board was the presentation of an online platform for monitoring, control and analysis (BaseN) of data from devices installed in households.

The meeting was divided into four presentation segments, followed by a series of questions and comments. At the end, the development potential of this platform was evaluated. Participants of the discussion agreed that the solution is worth supplementing with a few additional functionalities, so that it could meet the requirements of a wider audience. At the same time, a lot of attention has been paid to the element of support for managing the flexibility of energy consumption and production on the part of households, taking into account future possibilities of supporting the power system in ensuring the required level of network flexibility.

The online session was attended by 11 participants. Ewa Mataczyńska, PhD – IPE Expert, was invited to a meeting of the Advisory Board as an external expert, to provide opinions on the presented solution.