New issue of the “Energy Policy Studies”

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We would like to recommend the latest edition of the Energy Policy Studies – 1(5)/2020 scientific journal. The issue addresses the subject of offshore wind turbines, Nigerian biogas and competition on the European natural gas market:

EPS ENERGY POLICY STUDIES OKLADKA 1(5) 2020 1.cdr01 Strona 11. Andrzej Pacana, DSc, PhD, Eng., Associate Prof. (ORCID), Dominika Siwiec, M.Sc. (ORCID)
 Using Decision-Making Tools to Analyse the Renewables in the Industrial Energetics Sector

2. Jakub Plebański, Master of Laws (ORCID)
– Legal Analysis of Support Schemes for Offshore Wind Farms in Poland, on the Basis of the Draft Act on Promoting Electricity Generation in Offshore Wind Farms

3. Onyekwulu Millicent Chekwube, M.Sc. (ORCID), Ejaro Sunday Peter, M.Sc, PhD (ORCID), Oguche Christopher Joseph, M.Sc. (ORCID), Diyoke Micheal Chika, M.A. (ORCID), Gwani Samuel, M.Sc. (ORCID), Jibo Magayaki Jamilu, M.Sc. (ORCID)
– Public Awareness and Perception of Socio-Economic Characteristic and Biogas in Gwagwalada Town Abuja, Nigeria


4. Grażyna Mórawska, M.A. (ORCID)
– The Renewable Energy in Baltic States versus Russian Federation Political Interests

5. Valerio Tati (ORCID)
– The Cold Gas War: the Strategies of Russia and the USA in Europe

A free electronic version of the Energy Policy Studies journal can be found ➡ here
(e-ISSN: 2545-0859)