Coalition for hydrogen

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Podkarpackie Centrum Innowacji, the company Hydro Sanok and Institute for Energy Policy come together.

The purpose of this alliance is to support activities aimed at developing hydrogen technologies in the province. The sealing of the cooperation is the signing of a letter of intent to support the development of innovative technologies for acquiring and storing green energy, as well as activities to develop a regional energy strategy. The document was signed by Michal Tabisz – president of PCI, Slawomir Kowalski – vice president of PCI, Krzysztof Jarosz – president of Hydro Sanok, and Dr. Mariusz Ruszel – president of the Ignacy Lukasiewicz Institute for Energy Policy.

The initiative is under the patronage of Voivodeship Marshal Władysław Ortyl and Sanok Mayor Tomasz Matuszewski. – This is another important step in supporting the development of hydrogen initiatives in Podkarpacie. The provincial government has many instruments to carry out such activities. I mean, among others, European funds, its own involvement and active lobbying for the development of the hydrogen valley,” Marshal Władysław Ortyl conveyed. The signed document commits the parties to seek solutions to increase energy independence through the development of hydrogen technologies and the promotion of renewable energy in the region. In this regard, the city of Sanok is leading the way in Subcarpathia. – We are moving in the direction of increasing energy security by reducing the energy intensity of the municipal economy and expanding the share of renewable energy sources,” enumerated Tomasz Matuszewski, mayor of Sanok.

The purpose of the agreement is to promote regional good practices related to energy transition, actively seek their implementation in Subcarpathia, and encourage community participation in research projects.


Standing from left: Tomasz Matuszewski, mayor of Sanok; Slawomir Kowalski, vice president of the PCI; Krzysztof Jarosz, president of the companies Hydro Sanok and Sanockie Przedsiębiorstwo Gospodarki Komunalnej; Michal Tabisz, president of the PCI; Mariusz Ruszel, Ph.D., president of the Lukasiewicz Institute for Energy Policy; Wladyslaw Ortyl, Marshal of the Subcarpathian Voivodeship