EPS 1(12)2023

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Welcome to the latest issue of the journal Energy Policy Studies.
In the latest issue you will find the following articles:

  • Michał Paszkowski – Strategies of Central European countries in the energy dimension during the Russian-Ukrainian war 
  • Bartosz Sobik – Energy Transition Index and World Energy Trilemma Index as an energy transition’s pace measure for policy-making using the example of Poland 
  • Paweł Machał, Leszek Remiorz, Dariusz Bukowiec – Selected aspects of generating short-term electricity demand forecasts, taking into account renewable energy sources 
  • Katarzyna Paździorko – Legal aspects of energy price regulation for household cu-stomers and other specific entities
  • Maciej Mrozowski – Update of Poland’s Energy Plan 2040 in Light of European Union Strategic Documents: Directions, Challenges, and Perspectives

Free issue of EPS available here.

EPS 1 12 2023