No. 1 (2) 2018
e-ISSN: 2545-0859

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1. Paulina Sawicka-Chudy, MSc, Eng. (ORCID), Marek Wielgosz, Eng., (ORCID), Andrzej Wal DSc, Associate Professor (ORCID), Bogumił Cieniek, MSc (ORCID), Grzegorz Wisz, DSc (ORCID), Łukasz Głowa (ORCID), Marian Cholewa, DSc, Associate Professor (ORCID), Justyna Sawicka (ORCID)
 Analysis of chemical and phase composition of copper oxide prepared by direct current sputtering for photovoltaic applications

2. Adam Masłoń, PhD, Eng., (ORCID), Marta Wójcik, PhD, Eng. (ORCID), Krzysztof Chmielowski, DSc, Eng., Associate Professor (ORCID)
 Efficient use of energy in wastewater treatment plants

3. Natalia Marciniak (ORCID), Weronika Hyjek (ORCID)
Energy-efficient architecture, i.e. a combination of functionality and environmental aspects

4. Angelika Głuszek (ORCID), Paulina Sawicka-Chudy, MSc, Eng. (ORCID), Grzegorz Wisz, DSc (ORCID), Maciej Sibinski, DSc, Eng. (ORCID), Marian Cholewa, DSc, Associate Professor (ORCID)
 Evaluation of the quality of titanium oxide and copper oxide layers by means of optical microscopy

5. András Molnár, MSc (ORCID)
 Leaking away the future: The role of methane emission and natural gas supply chains in global warming

6. Wojciech Pospolita, MSc, Eng. (ORCID), Maciej Cholewinski, MSc, Eng. (ORCID)
– Selected issues of coal-fired power generation in terms of maintaining its high share in the future structure of electricity generation in Poland

mnisw“Energy Policy Studies – English language e-edition as a tool for disseminating science” and “Energy Policy Studies – transfer of the best foreign pracities and echange of experience” – the tasks financed as part of contract 687/P-DUN/2018 with the resources of the Minister of Science and Higher Education for science promotion activity.



No. 1 (1) 2017
e-ISSN: 2545-0859

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1. Ewa Mataczyńska, PhD (ORCID)
Blockchain technology impact on the energy market model
2. Dominik Brodacki, MA (ORCID)
The efficiency of financial incentives in the development of the electromobility sector in the Netherlands
3. Sebastian Podmiotko, MA (ORCID)
Regulation of public charging stations in proposed polish law on electromobility and alternative fuels
4. Jakub Prugar (ORCID), Paweł Węgrzyn (ORCID)
The role of oil and natural gas in the context of low-emission transport by 2030
5. Urs Unkauf, MA
Book review: the natural gas exports of Turkmenistan. Energy and geopolitical interests in the caspian region